Medical Care For Young Adults

From ages 13 to 18 your child will go through many physical and emotional changes and at Fit Life Pediatrics we’re here to help. By meeting annually with your teen,
Dr. Mafut can keep track of changes in physical, mental and social development and offer advice regarding avoiding unhealthy behaviors.
The doctor can also help your teen to understand how important choosing a healthy lifestyle is to his or her physical and mental development. At this age, your teen may have questions about their sexual development that may be more comfortable discussing with a doctor than a family member.
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Annual Visit

Be sure to schedule an appointment for your teen a minimum of annually. Children with health conditions may be on a more frequent schedule. We are also here to help with telehealth or in-person visits for any illnesses.

During the visit, the doctor will thoroughly examine your child and screen for high blood pressure, obesity, depression, and eating disorders. She may request a blood test to check for potential health conditions, as well as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and screen for tuberculosis. She will check that your teen’s immunization schedule is up to date and recommend any needed boosters. Girls may not always be referred to a gynecologist.

Common Concerns

Common health complaints we see in teens include headaches, sports injuries and knee pain and stress related issues.  If you have any concerns regarding your teen’s physical or psychological health, or suspect a problem with drugs or alcohol, please contact the doctor.

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